Vineyards in the Porongurups
Photo by Bo Janmaat

About the Porongurup Promotions Association

The Porongurup Promotions Association Inc (PPA) is not for profit incorporated body consisting of around 30 businesses and individuals whose aim is to make the Porongurups a better place.

The objects of the Association are:

• To engage with projects, activities, community groups and industry groups to promote, benefit or develop the Porongurup district;
• To engage with tourism bodies to enhance the recognition of the Porongurup district; and
• To encourage a sense of community of members and residents.

If you would like more information about the PPA or thinking about joining, please get in touch.


Download a handy quick reference map of the area pinpointing areas of interest, accommodation, places to eat and wineries. If you have children, print the map out before you arrive and get them to find the 20 Blue Wrens on the map!

Porongurup Illustrative Map drawn by Hilde Ranson
Porongurup Illustrative Map drawn by Hilde Ranson